"Well, I tend bar at the Ruby-Red Lipstick bar, and we do cosplay party on Friday nights. You dress up as any superhero you want. Supergirl. Looker, if vampires are more your thing."
—Grace to Anissa Pierce[src]

Grace Choi (born May 16, 1991 as Shay Li Wylde[1]) is a woman with a mysterious past who briefly worked as a bartender at the Ruby Red Lipstick Bar and hides a meta-human condition that forces her to live on the run. She developed a troubled relationship with Anissa Pierce, eventually becoming her girlfriend.


Early Life

Kid Grace and her foster parents (cropped)

Kid Grace and her foster parents.

Shay Li was born on May 16, 1991 in a dysfunctional family and had bounced around various foster homes after being abandoned by her biological parents.[1] Due to her troubled life, she learned from a very young age to take care of herself and not to let people get too intimate,[2] as well as getting accustomed on "waiting in hospitals rooms".[3]

At the age of 16, she was abducted and sold into a prostitution ring until it was broken up by I.C.E., then Shay Li vanished for some time until she resurfaced in Freeland under the alias of "Grace Choi".[1]

Meeting Anissa

Grace meets Anissa

Grace meets Anissa.

One day Grace met Anissa Pierce at a library, insisting she check out a favorite of hers, The Outsiders. She then promptly invited her to a cosplay party at the bar she worked at. At the party, the two danced together, before being interrupted by Anissa's then-girlfriend Chenoa. Trying to avoid a fight at her bar, Grace asked Chenoa to take their problems outside.[4]

Anissa caress Grace's head after they were assaulted

Anissa caress Grace's head after they were assaulted.

Leaving the Ruby Red Lipstick Bar with Anissa, they were confronted by former patrons, angered at Grace and the bar. One of the guys knocked out Grace, but the whole group was quickly knocked out by Anissa. She soon woke up, with Anissa tending to a graze on her head.[5]

Some weeks later, looking for some comfort after David Poe's death, Anissa called Grace and asked her out for a date.[6]

A troubled relationship

The Book of Consequences Chapter Two Black Jesus Blues promotional still 7

Grace sees Anissa kiss Zoe B.

Grace was hired to work as a waitress at a party thrown by musician Zoe B. at her apartment. While working there, she saw Anissa kissing Zoe so she walked away. Anissa tracked her down at the party and apologized for not calling her because things were busy. Grace commented that she could tell and said she had to get back to work, leaving Anissa.[7]

Anissa tells Grace she want to try a serious relationship with her

Anissa tells Grace she want to try a serious relationship with her.

Grace was working at her bar when Anissa came in looking to talk. She apologized for how they met at Zoe's party and for the fact that she dropped out of their potential relationship without saying anything. Telling Grace that she took her work seriously, Anissa told her that she also wanted to try taking a relationship with Grace seriously.[8]

Anissa and Grace after they had sex for the first time

Anissa and Grace after they had sex for the first time.

After Peter Gambi's apparent death, Anissa went to Grace's apartment telling her what happened and that the event made her realize that Grace would have been the only person, outside of her family, she would spend her last night with. The two women had sex and slept together. However, the following morning, Grace told Anissa it was an error as she can't come to her looking for consolation when she feels vulnerable only to disappear after everything went back to normal. As Anissa replied that was not the case, Grace asked her if she could honestly tell her she would not hurt her again; Anissa hesitated and Grace left the room in frustration. As she got back to her living room, Grace started to develop some mysterious scale-like spot on her arms, neck and face, so she drank two bottles of water and took some pills, making them disappear.[2]

Grace and Anissa spend an evening together on the couch

Grace and Anissa spend an evening together on the couch.

Grace and Anissa spent time at Grace's apartment watching television. After a little flirting, during which Grace accused Anissa of being corny, she excused herself to go to the bathroom. She watched at the mirror as the discoloration on her skin reappeared and, breathing heavily, again took some pills in order to counter the effect.[9]

Anissa and Grace at the hospital

Anissa and Grace at the hospital.

After Khalil Payne was hospitalized again due to Tobias having ripping off his spine, and the whole Pierce family attended his bedside, Grace went to the hospital in order to take some food to Anissa, kissing her fronthead and telling that she wanted to be there for her. Anissa rested on Grace's shoulder and the two waited quietly to receive news of Khalil's recovery or death.[3]

Exposed and disappearance

On her day off, Grace was sleeping on the couch after having read come comics, when Anissa woke her up with a series of kisses. Grace said she was glad she gave her a copy of her apartment keys and, after showing her that both Black Lightning and Thunder have their own comic book series (causing her girlfriend to smile joyfully), she went to get ready to go out for their date.

Grace and Anissa at the park

Grace and Anissa at the park.

The two women went to see a movie that Grace deemed as too violent and then took a walk in the park; while talking about their relationship, Grace's condition started to manifest and her eyes changed color right in front of Anissa; she tried to cover-up the event and walk away but right in that moment Anissa took her hands and asked her to come to diner at her house to meet her family, before Grace can answer, the dark scale-like spots appeared on her right hand, so she stormed away, telling Anissa that she "can't control herself" when she's with her, causing her girlfriend to wonder what she did wrong. After Khalil's funeral, Anissa went to Grace's apartment in order to talk to her, but discovered that Grace has disappeared.[10]

On the run

Grace shapeshifts

Grace shapeshifts.

Gambi gave Anissa details on Grace's foster brother, and she headed off in search of information. At the apartment, Anissa heared noises from the other side of the door. The door was answered by an elderly man who told her that troubles would find her if she does not leave. Anissa believed that Grace was inside and continued knocking on the door – on the other side, the elderly man shapeshifted into Grace.

A disguised Grace fights Thunder

A disguised Grace fights Thunder.

Later, Anissa returned to the apartment in her Thunder costume and broke in, finding dead animal carcasses. The elderly man told her that she should not have come there and to leave. He attacked Anissa, and the two fought through the apartment. Anissa wanted to know where Grace was and they continue to fight. Despite Anissa's powers, the man was a match for her. After Anissa got the upper hand, Grace/the man appeared to transform into an animal and escaped through a window.[11]


Grace is a friendly and joyous person, who immediately tried to help Anissa with her quest at the library. Nevertheless, when concerned about a possible argument rising at her bar, she immediately made sure that Anissa and Chenoa leave the premises to sort their problems out. She is a comic book and superhero fan, enjoying such books as "Outsiders," and is also a fan of cosplay, suggesting Anissa to dress up as Supergirl or Looker.[4] She is also an extremely avid reader as her apartment is filled with books and a huge library,[2][9] it could be assumed reading is her favorite hobby as she is often seen doing it.[4]

Due to her family issues, she never let herself get to much into anybody but, to her own admission, that completely changed when she met Anissa and, despite she tried to play it cool, she felt very hurt and frustrated about the girl getting in and out of her life only when she's feeling vulnerable.[2] For the same reason she is visibly hurt when Anissa tried to justified her affair with Zoe B. saying that they weren't at a serious relationship at the time and, when asked if she had seen other people too Grace awkwardly told she has does despite is implied to be a lie.[8]

Despite her "tough girl" facade, Grace is actually a very sensitive person and blushes quite easily when Anissa complimented her.[9]

Powers and Abilities


Grace's meta-human condition

Grace's meta-human condition.

Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Grace’s DNA was altered turning her into a meta-human with the power to manipulate her cells and alter her physical structure into a variety of shapes and sizes.[2][11][12]

  • Shapeshifting: Grace is capable of changing her entire appearance into someone else's, having assumed the form of an old man and an animal.[11] The process it's not limited to her body but also completely trasforms the clothes she wears.
    • Superhuman Agility: While in her animal form, Grace has shown to be capable of moving from a room to another, as well as jump out of an open window, fast enought to not being seen with the naked eye.[11]
    • Superhuman Durability: Grace was able to take several hits from Thunder, as well as a sofa landing on her from a large height, seemingly not taking any injuries from the impact.[11]
  • Enhanced Senses: As Grace's powers manifested, her sensorial perception seems to get higher.[9]


  • Artistry: Grace is a skilled painter and has many easels and painting material in her home.[2]
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Grace has been shown to possess impressive martial arts skills as, while disguised as an old man, she was able to single-handedly go toe to toe with Anissa despite the latter's powers, even almost defeating her.[11]
  • Mixology: Being a bartender, Grace has shown to be a capable mixologist.


  • Schizophrenia (presumed): The pills Grace uses to suppress her meta-human condition are a custom compound containing megadose of a medication used to treat schizophrenia.[1]
  • Power instability: Grace doesn't have her powers under control; her eyes flash golden frequently, her shapeshifting wears off quickly and periodically, she started to uncontrollably develope dark scale-like spots on her body. Also, using her powers seems to be quite stressful and affects her breath almost as if she's choking.[9]



  • Grace has Chinese style tattoos on both arms, from the wrists to the shoulders. A reference to her comic book counterpart.[2] Although, in "The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry", her left arm is shown to have none, likely meaning that she got it tattooed between that episode and "The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem".
  • She seem to be fond of living room plants and modern art paintings.[2]
  • It's implied that Grace is an atheist, as in "The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son", she states that she doesn't believed that "everything happens for a reason".
  • According to her own statement, Grace dislikes action movies, however in her living room she has posters of "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" and "Blade Runner".[10]
  • Grace is the 3rd of 4 LGBTQ+ characters appearing on the show; first Anissa, then Anissa's ex-girlfriend Chenoa, Grace herself and Zoe B.
    • Grace is the only one out of the 4 to be bisexual or confirmed bisexual; Anissa is a lesbian and the other two women mentioned have never confirmed theirs.

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