So after the episode Lawanda: The Book of Burial, we saw Khalil, Jennifer's boyfriend disabled by Tobias. He is a pretty good guy, however as of Black Jesus, i can see that changing. What if he becomes a villain for Jefferson Pierce?

So after he is disabled, Tobias cares for him. Giving him better care in the hospital along with entertainment there too. However he then springs it on him that Black Lightning is the one that caused his injury. (Of course that is a lie, but it still could change his course to evil) There is the matter of how he could physically take on Black Lightning considering he is disabled. I believe that is what Green Light has been setting up. Using it as a last resort to recover his legs and take on Black Lightning. We'll see it happen then. It would make him hate Jefferson even more once he figures out that Jefferson Pierce and Black Lightning are the same person as he had an antagonistic relationship with both so far.

So what do you all think? Is Khalil the next superpowered antagonist for Black Lightning or is he just going to be a minor nuisance for the guy?